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YourDailyPornVideo.com is a website that looks quite promising, right off the bat. I mean, there are tons of movies right there on the home page, and they are surely videos that you'd love to see, judging by the thumbnails. Not just you, or me, but I firmly believe that these are appealing to all men all around the world. Oh well, there also seems to be a lot of unnecessary info on the home page for some reason. First off, there's the tab where all the information about the twitter account of Your Daily Porn Videos can be seen...honestly, who cares? "Dear visitors. My twitter account has been blocked"...who the fuck cares? Not to be rude, but really, no one's coming to a porno website to check out your twitter account. Maybe just put a little blue button in the upper right corner, with the little Twitter birdie and all that, and that would be enough, but having this announcement take up like 20% of the homepage is just insane! Oh well, that's not that big of an issue, I can ignore this easily. You can too.

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