I know you’re a regular visitor to xHamster. You might not count it among your favorite websites if somebody asks out in public, but their mountain of pornography has got to be one of the reasons the Internet was invented. It’s massive and throbbing, engorged with an ever-flowing torrent of hardcore smut delivered straight to your phone or laptop. In a little over a decade, xHamster has amassed one of the biggest dirty movie collections on the Internet. Let’s talk about their Amateur section. XHamster’s spank stash is already huge, so naturally, their Amateur section is a monster, too. There are 15,000 pages of amateur content alone, with 70 videos per page. You better stock up on lube and call in sick for a few years if you’re going to make it through this. Legit, 100% Real Amateur Content I’m going to cut right to the fucking chase and tell you why Amateur on xHamster is one of the best places on the ‘net to see the real shit. I’m talking genuine girls next door and housewives getting railed and loving it, not pornstars on low-quality video pretending it’s all spontaneous. It all boils down to the definition at the top of the page. “Amateur porn is a massive umbrella that includes all non-professional performers. Adventurous solo girls and couples with exhibitionist tendencies setup a camera and share their lust with the world. Since the advent of cell phone cameras the production of this type of pornography has grown exponentially.”
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