If you’ve never heard of Vivid Entertainment before, you’ve either been living under a rock or you’ve just discovered porn for the first time. For the last 35 years, Vivid Entertainment has been a behemoth of the adult entertainment industry. Founded in 1984 by Steven Hirsch and David James, the Los Angeles based adult film production company has become nearly synonymous with the word “porn.” In 2006, Reuters even recognized it for the giant that it is, citing Vivid as one of a small handful of studios that dominates the porn industry. So, how does a porn studio build such a stellar reputation? Well, for one, longevity certainly doesn’t hurt. I think it’s a mix, actually, of longevity and producing quality content—two factors fuel one another in a sort of feedback loop. Meaning, in order to achieve longevity in the porn industry, you need to be consistently creating quality content, and in order to prove that you can consistently produce quality content, you need longevity. It’s something of a porno paradox. But, at the end of the day, quality will always pave the way.
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