By now, these oversimplified porno pages have really started to piss me off. They don't offer much, they just throw this stuff in your face, no sugarcoating, nothing at all. I like to be wined and dined before I give it up and I expect the same from my porn sites. I don't want to scroll down the home page and hope that I run into a decent video. I want to KNOW that I'll find something I really like. is all over the place and the gauge can shift 50/50 to both sides easily. But first, the good stuff. Take a look at the home page. You'll find that it has pretty much everything a man needs to get off. You get around fifty million videos to chose from as well. It's cool. I didn't even believe bondage was that popular, it's so weird. Even though bondage became a mainstream thing in the last few years after the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey came to the big screen, it still surprises me. I look at these dudes in these videos tied up, crawling on the floor, girls stepping on their nuts and I can't get myself to believe that some lads actually want to be in their place. That's what I got just from the home page.
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