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No beating around the bush on this one. You like yourself some cock, but, hey, you like perky tits and plump booties too. You’re always jackin’ it to hung shemales fucking each other in the ass, giving themselves prostate orgasms, and sucking dick. Ain’t no shame in it. Well, unless you like being shamed. Then, fuck yeah, there’s some shame in it you degenerate fuck.

And I can’t blame you for loving these thick-dicked bitches. I get fooled by them on the daily. You get some babe with a 10/10 bod only to find out that they have a dick the size of their own forearm. My mind just can’t process that shit sometimes. It makes me question my usually unwavering sexuality. I’m not surprised that a lot of you out there lust after these babes.

But I’m not here to tell you about yet another tranny porn site. I’ll do you one better. This site is for all of you daring dudes and chicks out there who want to finally take the leap and fuck a sexy shemale. Tsescorts.com is a tranny escort site that pairs you up with local trans sluts who want to fuck. Well, the site says “tranny dating,” which is only true if your definition of dating is paying someone fuck you. Keep in mind your local laws and all of that shit though. The only thing you want to be busting is a nut.

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