Personally, I always thought that reading erotic stories, instead of watching actual porn, is for pansies and women who do not have a real dick in their life. In the past, if you were to tell me that my opinion on this topic would ever change, I’d probably smack you right there. But oh well, guess I was wrong, because there is one site that managed to get me slightly interested, and it is called The Kristen Archives (kristen asstr). First of all, I only value the HQ porn production, and that also includes the high-quality erotic stories, which is why if this site managed to get me interested, then it will get you interested as well. Upon opening the website for the first time, you might get a bit confused; it’s not the 90s anymore and the site’s design is not helping this case. I mean, yeah sure, it is easy on the eyes with the black background and all, but seriously, if the designers of The Kristen Archives are reading this, fellas what were you thinking? In terms of functionality, it is not a bad website overall, but like I said, I prefer my pornos, as well as the websites, to be top-notch quality. I guess you could overlook the fact that the site’s design is a bit crappy since it does have a lot of high-quality material for you to enjoy.
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