There’s nothing hotter than watching a girl quiver and whimper as she gets spanked, caned, whipped or paddled. Or, hell, even getting spanked can be fucking awesome. There’s not much better in this world than a strong dominatrix paddling your ass until its Christmas red. Whether you’re a dom, sub, switch, or bitch a good spanking can really get the night going. A little pain makes the pleasure just that much better! Trust me, there’s a reason this shit is so popular. Give it shot. Get kinky and don’t judge it until you give it a shot. The worst part about being into a fetish like spanking is that it’s usually a pain in the ass to find. And not the good kind! Usually, you have to find some weird fetish site that makes you pay for a membership to even view their content. Today, you’re in luck. I did some looking around and found a gem of a website called Spanking Tube has been pumping out free, high-quality spanking vids since as early as 2009. And they have gained quite a following for such a niche fetish site at over 45 thousand unique visitors every day. If you lined that many people up to get spanked that line would stretch over 10 miles!
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