Incest. What images or thoughts come to mind when you see that word? Chances are, you are either disgusted and want nothing to with me or this review, or you are intrigued and immediately turned on. Maybe it makes you think of your smoking hot stepdaughter and how she insists on walking around the house in her underwear, knowing damn well that you are sitting right there on the couch. Or maybe you remember that time your step sister came home drunk and got extra touchy-feely with you. Did she want the dick? You may never know for sure. These desires, though, are apparently far from uncommon. Although you may never actually find out if your stepsister really wants the D, or if your stepdaughter walks around the house half naked just for your enjoyment (probably not, by the way), there are outlets for you to indulge these fantasies in secret. Taboo ‘incest’ porn has recently become an extremely popular category in the adult entertainment industry.
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