Hentai. That's for high school chumps - or so we thought. Hentai was the first thing you ever loved as a kid. Watching anime in the afternoons got your dick so hard for that yandere or tsundere girl with bouncing boobs and true enough, your discovery of hentai is one of the best, golden moments your life ever has (or had, given you're just sitting there with your computer in the basement). Another golden moment was your discovery of what the hell "Rule 34" of the fucking Internet is. Well, do you? FYI: Rule 34 is the rule that if it exists, then there is porn of it. So if you always wanted to see how big Mikasa's boobs are if she was a Shingeki no Kyojin villain, well, you can just write "Rule 34 Mikasa" and see for yourself.
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