For all of you dudes and dudettes out there who are into free stuff, who like to live on the edge and try out the edges of the Internet, torrents are files that might bring joy to your souls and a smile to your faces. When torrents came out they were like the revolutionary thing that took over the internet world. What? You can get free movies, free games, free software? What kind of sorcery is this? Yeah, well not to rain on your parade by in some countries, the developed ones, where copyright infringement is not just "frowned" upon, these kinds of sites are banned. Then, those that don't bend to the ruled of the man can enjoy all the freedoms that the Internet offers, torrent sites. As a part of that whole network is a torrent site called Rarbg.to and to be exact RarBG. This is their porn section, the section that we are all very much so interested. Stay tuned and read on since I'm about to reveal all the secrets that Rar BG has to offer.
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