Having a BDSM fetish is way better than having a scat fetish or something like that so with PunishBang.com it is easy for me to do my job. There were some reviews where I just couldn't bear to even approach the review and with PunishBang.com, the review is a breeze. Now don't get me wrong, Punish Bang is still hardcore and extreme as it gets but it is just that they don't get into the sick stuff, they just get into the extreme fetishes. These are two very different things. Come with me and discover the delights that PunishBang.com has to offer, there are ropes, straps, pins and needles. What else did you think was going to be on a site called PunishBang.com? The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that the site looked very clean, very professional and it looked as if it was a premium site when in fact it is not, it is a free tube site. This is a mark of a site that knows how to market themselves and make stuff out of nothing, which PunishBang.com managed to do. What gives off this impression is the fact that the top bars with options such as Home, Videos, Photos Categories and so on look like they are not going to break down on you so this is how PunishBang manages to give off this impression. Each video that's placed on the homepage looks like it enjoys a special treatment by the site, meaning that each of the video seems as if it is an original one and that when you enter it, a whole production is going to be around it. There's no balloons and flowers when you enter it though, but the impression is there, that you'll get something special. Did I get something special? Keep on reading, and find out for yourself.
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