See, from the moment I landed on Porn Doe, I saw all these little banners, shinning and blinking. They weren't ads, the annoying mosquitos, they were promos, to get you to sign up and get VIP access and a discount. Hold up! If there are VIP areas and discounts, then this tube site has a degree. It is not a regular tube site that gathers other site's videos and claims them as their own. No. This one has integrity...or at least I was hoping for this to be the case. Whatever the case might be, they set me up for an expectation that was high enough that even if they drop the ball, they will land with a soft landing. Nice. That's how you set up expectations and as I said, it is in the details. They immediately grabbed my attention. Let's see what happens next.
5/5 - (13 votes)

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