Damn, Newgrounds (18+), that's a new that I haven't heard in a while. Don't get me wrong, this website is still popular today, but that popularity is nothing compared to the popularity the website had back in the why did this happen? Honestly, no one knows why the website isn't as half as popular as it was back then, but let me tell you one thing, the website still has some amazing pornographic video games, and I don't get it why people aren't talking about these more. I mean, they surely deserve a whole lot of attention, seeing as they are very well made and that I haven't seen many websites that could step up to Newgrounds Adult Games when it comes to porno games. Now, there are some that make some rather excellent erotic games that actually have a story and all that, but honestly, who cares about the stories? People just want to lay the fuck back and control the pace and the angles as they fuck their favorite video game character, or their favorite character from a movie, or a show, or something like that. It's just how people are.
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