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Motherless. A one-word website title that says everything it needs to say. This is a site where the rules are, more or less, completely thrown out the window, morality means absolutely nothing, and there is nobody to save you from it. Hedonism is God here.

The site likely is also called this due to the fact that the girls who end up on motherless.com likely have no positive female influence in their lives to keep them from it. Motherless is the place parents spend their whole lives fearing that their daughter will end up making an appearance.

In the site’s early days, it was a hotbed for illegal content. This is due to the fact that it was largely unmoderated and allowed users to upload their own photos and videos and, well, you do the math. When Motherless first came out, it was teeming with nasty, fucked up shit. I’m talking bestiality, child porn, scat porn, gore, rape, etc.