As a porn expert, I love a well-constructed XXX website which features terabytes of video and image-based pornography that can keep even the horniest, loneliest people momentarily happy for life. I’ve seen some of the nastiest X-rated videos on the internet which anyone can access and jack off to with just a few mouse clicks. However, when it comes to porn consumerism, there’s one demographic of horny porn connoisseurs that stands out among their peers due to their preferred way of consumption, which demands reading and heavy use of the imagination. I’m talking about the humble consumers of written pornography – there are plenty of people out there who get off on reading erotic stories filled with all kinds of graphic scenes and whatnot, and MC Stories is one of the few big sites which contain a whole heap of that stuff for the world to see and enjoy. If you’ve ever been a fan of erotic stories and have the patience to read in order to get turned on as opposed to the millions of people with a 1-second attention span who watch porn videos, then this website is definitely for you.
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