Simply watching porn is great, sure. But don’t you ever wish you could be right there in the action calling the shots? Of course, you do. Who the fuck doesn’t? Now, I can’t fly you out to the best porn studios to have you take Emma Hix in the ass, but I may have the next best thing. Remember those choose-your-own-adventure books as a kid? The ones where you flipped through the pages based on your decisions. Well, there’s porn that is pretty similar to that. It’s rather new, it’s exciting, and I have just the site that’s been leading the charge in this genre. is an interactive porn site that lets you roleplay through the narrative of each video. But put away the dice and paper you nerds, this isn’t that kind of roleplay. This isn’t any of that animated shit either. And no page flipping necessary. You get real pornstars and real scenes. All of the hottest chicks in the world are yours to command any way you want. And Life Selector has been crafting these porn games since as early as 2011. The niche is still growing, and they draw in around 3 million visitors every month. It’s a modest number, but they are steadily growing each month!
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