Few porn sites out there are more aptly titled than It says everything it needs to say, with no bullshit and no beating around the bush. Need to fap and can’t be bothered waiting to find the right video? Well, let Instant Fap take care of that for you! All you have to do is pick a category and click on the first thumbnail. Short clips (between, on average, around 10 and 30 seconds) will play in full-screen. Ready to skip to the next one in the list? Just click your arrow key and get to fapping! This is, in my opinion, a revolutionary way to approach the tube porn site. I have not seen any other site doing anything like this. It’s definitely a game changer, for sure. So, how does it work exactly? Well, Instantfap collects some of the highest quality porn available on the web, organizes it for you, and streamlines it straight to your computer. It is almost too easy!
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