Ever wonder what would happen if Netflix started featuring ‘incest’ porn? Well, you need not to wonder any longer. You’ve found it in The logo, even, uses the same bold font and iconic red lettering, reading “Incestflix” on the top of the page. I’m surprised the owners of this porn aggregator site hasn’t received a cease and desist letter from the video streaming giant. I can’t imagine that Netflix would be crazy about their brand being used for incest porn. Or, who the fuck knows, maybe they’re all uncle fuckers over at Netflix and they love it. The name and the logo (and black background), however, are where the similarities between Incest Flix and Netflix stop. The website’s layout is unlike any other tube or aggregator site I’ve ever seen. Instead of breaking their featured videos into different categories (recently added, most viewed, featured, etc.), they present you with a bunch of random thumbnails on the homepage. You also don’t have a list of pages to click through. They have foregone the typical tube site design in favor of a bundle of 20 or so thumbnails, with a “refresh” button at the bottom. Good luck saving your spot to come back to a particular thumbnail later on. Every time you hit refresh, you get another bundle of equally random videos. From the jump, I am far from a fan of the way this website is laid out. Why make my life any harder? It should be your job as the owner of a porn site to help me navigate your content.
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