All I have to say about is that if you don't understand the BDSM culture and what "sinister edge of erotica" means, then I strongly suggest that you stay away from this site since this is something that's not going to sit well with your sissy ways. Stick to the regular "missionary-big-boob-blonde-getting-laid" porn and leave the artistic expressions to those who have surpassed the regular ways of expressing their sexuality. In no ways am I judging, since even I am not a fan of this kind of porn genre but I get it. Slapping the sense out of a woman's ass with a paddle board while she is tied up with ropes is something that so many out there enjoy, especially women. They won't admit it, but why the hell did each and every woman out there see "Fifty Shades of Grey"? Exactly my point. Onward to the site.
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