Hentai Heroes aka Harem Heroes is a sweet RPG adventure where the goal is to build your ultimate harem. Best of all, these are mostly characters you know and love, from all kinds of games and manga. In the first hour alone, I met four bitches that I’ve regularly jerked off to. You play the luckiest nerd alive whose goal is to get all 50+ babes in the universe to submit to your dick’s will. The first few will fall quickly, but as you keep meeting new bitches, you’ll find it gets harder and harder. At its core, Hentaiheroes is a character building sim. This type of game is popular amongst browser games, where you get that nice feeling of watching your hero becoming stronger and wealthier. Always feels good to be the big dick. Hentaiheroes takes it one step further, dropping you in a universe with famous fictional bitches that will fuck you as long as you play it right. The ladies will become your main source of income, giving you cash at the end of each timer.
5/5 - (8 votes)
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