GFRevenge has a cool premise that it doesn’t actually fulfill. The idea behind GFRevenge is that people like you and I will give them videos of our girlfriends as “revenge”, so the world can enjoy the mouthwatering pussies of girlfriends and exes from all over the world. GFRevenge actually features professionally shot videos that each have cool first-person stories. You’ll see hundreds of different talents, some of which you may know, in different kinds of devilish situations. Things are more professional than amateur here, despite the premise. The key difference between GFRevenge and other porn sites are the stories. Each video has a full writeup that breaks down the scenario in each video. Remember that the videos are shot in first person, so it feels like you’re inside a character. The scenes come with a trailer and a photoset, and everything is downloadable. GFRevenge is nice enough to provide zip file support, so you can download hundreds of sets in no time. I know they didn’t offer downloads before, so it’s good they offer it now. The videos also come in many different formats, including mobile support.
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