I’ve been a porn expert for a long time now, and I know that when it comes to porn fans one of the largest demographics out there are the gamers. Serial masturbation is a pretty common activity for most gamers worldwide, and it’s not hard to see why they make up one of the largest porn-viewing demographics in the world seeing as how a large chunk of the porno industry caters to them. There is a fuckton of cosplay videos out there with sluts dressed up as popular video game characters, and gamers go crazy for that kind of shit, but one way to take this way of consuming pornography to the next level is to offer them some authentic, interactive XXX games. ‘Games of Desire’ is a fine example of XXX content being crafted explicitly for people who prefer to get off on interactive porn-themed games as opposed to videos with real-life women on it. It has a large selection of browser-based flash games fit for casual players or hardcore pros who love nothing more than cumming to a playable interactive experience featuring hot drawn babes.
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