Not every fap has to be to the newest and boldest 4k HD VR porn out there. Sure, that shit is great. But sometimes it’s nice to kick back and explore one of the classic mediums for internet porn: porn galleries. They are pretty simple, but they almost always have a ton of content. Plus, they’re usually completely free! Kind of like that 7/10 cute girl next door. Sure, she might not let you tie her down to the bed and eat her ass, but she’ll do everything else that matters. There’s no need to overcomplicate the good shit. And the site that has all of the good shit today is called fuskator.com. Before you ask, no I don’t know what the fuck it means. It sounds vaguely Swedish? Who knows and who cares? They’ve got porn. And they’ve had this unique domain since as early as the start of 2010. That’s nearly a decade of content at your sex-starved fingertips. And Fuskator is maintaining a pretty consistent 6ish million visitors every month. Nothing to go crazy about, but they have a steady following for a site that’s just dedicated to porn galleries.
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