Did you know that forums were still around? Yeah, the ones you used to troubleshoot your old iMac. The one with the blue transparent back that ran on dial-up. Well, those computers may have died and gone obsolete, but forums are still going strong. Sure, their golden age may have passed, but there’s a ton of good forums out there that are still active, especially porn forums. Places to share videos, stories, advice, and all kinds of stuff with fellow porn junkies like yourself. is a porn forum that has been around since 2005 and they show no signs of slowing down with over 5 million-page visits last month alone. They proudly show off their legacy on their front page with “13 years online” in big text up top. They should be proud! They’ve been providing some top-quality content to the horny masses for over a decade. But what makes Forumophillia one of the longer lasting forums? There’s a lot to that answer. Let’s peel away some of these layers and dig right in.
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