Fap Titans gets right into it. I typed the URL into the bar and a few seconds later a cowboy chick appeared on the screen. She’s wearing historically accurate cowgirl attire: a wide-brimmed hat, six shooter, badge, and leather vest-bra that barely hides her massive, perfectly round titties. “This is a monster,” she says. “Click on it until you defeat it and get the rewards.” I assume she’s referring to the level 1 Yapping Orc on the right side of the screen. He’s a big, ugly, pig-faced motherfucker with a club and a shield. I heard all it takes to defeat him is some clicking, though, so whatever. Bring it on. Every time I clicked on piggy dude, his hit points dropped. When he died, cowgirl told me I would get gold every time I killed a monster. “Now continue clicking and killing the monsters.”
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