is a website with an impressive directory of escorts from the United States and other countries. The first page shows the list of places (countries and cities) where they are based. Besides all the U.S. states, there are girls from the UK, Philippines, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, and other regions. Having so many choices makes it easier for the clients to find girls in their local towns and while being abroad on vacations or business trips. The exact services that the website users provide vary from person to person. The hotties can list all the things they are comfortable/uncomfortable doing during the arranged dates. They also upload their pictures, descriptions, and locations. Everyone can pick a babe based on her appearance, the things that she does during the 1-on-1 dates, and her overall personality. The fact that this is a site for escorting means that the women sell an experience. It’s usually not just sex, but the details will come up during the private conversation. The meeting itself can start at a restaurant, bar, or hotel lobby, and the rest is discussed prior by both sides of the deal.
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