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As a businessman or just a lad with loads of money to spend, you have probably thought about hiring a hot escort to accompany you on an important trip, right? You have probably already hired one, and I am here to suggest that you check out escortmeetings.com, which is another escort site with many gorgeous babes at your service.

It works a bit differently than what you are used to, so just sit back, and enjoy reading all the goodies and some shit aspects of the site. There is not much I could say about the overall design, except that they could have done a better fucking job. First, I did not even think that this site was legit until I explored some more and read some trusted resources.

The design is quite shitty, but overall it is simple and does its fucking job, so who am I to judge. Now, on top you have all the crap you will need to find the perfect escort for the evening, day or even a week. As I said this site works a bit differently from other websites, and now I will explain how.

Usually, when you are searching for an escort chick to accompany you somewhere, you have to search for them in a certain area, aka the area where she will be needed, because most of them do not want to travel. Well, that shit is completely the opposite on Escort Meetings.

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