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Not to be rude or anything, but The United Kingdom sure has a lot of hoes...god damn. Look at the front page and look at all these numbers...that's way too many fucking zeros. Especially in London! Five thousand escorts is pretty good. Sure thing, London is pretty big, but you know what I mean, that's still five thousand hot babes in one place, just waiting to entertain you and to let you hit it from the back or even to give you a nice massage. The massage might finish with a handjob or something, maybe even a blowjob if you're a good boy for them and empty out your wallet (I mean, more cash means more sex after all in most cases, doesn't it?

This also applies to some people's marriages) Either way, let's see what you can get from Anglo escorts, and how much will it cost you, and most importantly (actually, it depends on the person whether this next thing I will mention is "the" most important thing when it comes to escort websites since some of you might get off to financial domination and weird shit like that) is whether you will be getting scammed or not! Luckily enough, Escort Guide has plenty of reviews, and the people who review these aren't lying, that's for sure.

Many philosophers over the ages have said that people are innately good, so let's hope that they were right when it comes to that because I sure hope that these people who are innately good are doing these reviews and not some fucked-in-the-head dumbasses who want me to waste my cash.

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