With the advent of social media and its subsequent spike in popularity, it seems as if the very fabric of the internet has been altered. More and more sites now have faced pressures from users to integrate social media features. It is no longer enough for a site to merely exist as a hub of content. People want interactivity, want to feel like they are a part of their online content, as opposed to just a consumer of it. The porn world has not been immune from this keeping up with this trend. Far from it. It would seem as if the days of porn sites simply curating content and making it available for lonely fappers such as yourselves are long gone. We saw this play itself out with the rise of sites like Xhamster, where you can not only enjoy pornographic videos and photos, but you can connect with users from all over the world through their dating site capabilities. The same thing was true with other tube sites such as Porn Hub. Whereas we used to go to Porn Hub just to bust a quick nut, we can now upload homemade videos, comment on and vote on content, and interact with the girls from those videos. We are truly in a new age of porn, where interactivity is king. Amid all of this renovation being done to the world of online porn, popped up as one of the first sites dedicated almost entirely to appealing to users’ desires for a greater sense of community and humanity when it comes to their porn viewing experience. Billing themselves as “the ultimate adult community in the world,” their motto is “Connect and share with adults worldwide.” And their site is really nothing less straightforward than that: a place for adults to share and communicate with other adults. I’m emphasizing the word “adults” here intentionally (more on that later).
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