There’s a lot of degeneracy in porn. Things like pregnant porn, amputee porn, fatty porn…people are fucking strange. Well, fucking strange is one thing, but then there are furries. Furries have a special place in my heart because it’s the only major fetish where you move away from humans. And what’s really amazing is how fucking popular this shit is…amongst humans! I blame Disney, brainwashing kids with walking and talking animals making fuckfaces from a young age. Those sick fucks knew what they were doing when they made Beauty and the “Beast”. Anyway… When it comes to e621, we have a popular Danbooru-style imageboard dedicated to furries. Danbooru imageboards all follow a similar template that makes it easy for users to upload their own content, while allowing people to search images using keywords. Danbooru is the name of the original famous website that used this template.
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