I’ve reviewed a hell of a lot of porn and have covered a literal fuckload of topics when it comes to sexual fetishes, but I gotta say that this one definitely takes the cake when it comes to perverseness and obscurity. Dickflash.com is a website about, well, flashing. But it’s not only dedicated to guys flashing their dicks in public to unsuspecting victims that would be traumatized for life – this site also covers women who like to randomly reveal themselves to strangers for whatever reason (probably because they crave excitement in their otherwise dull lives). This website takes everything about the world of flashing and neatly categorizes it into different sections, making it ready for consumption for all the lovely people out there who enjoy watching strangers show their privates to other strangers in public. It doesn’t get more specific than this, so if you’ve ever had an obsession with flashing then Dick Flash is without a doubt your go-to place for all your perverted, guilty pleasures.
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