Yet another "incest" porn site in line that crosses that border that shouldn't be crossed. It seems as if there are plenty of people who actually want to fuck their "step-daughters". I understand that there are no blood connections in these relationships but still, there is something deranged about it. Perhaps, it is that deranged feeling that's drawing people into these kinds of niches. Who am I to judge, I've seen worst. So, the site at hand that I'm discussing is, a premium site that covers the topic of step-dad-step-daughter relationships. They can be on a strain at times but at other, they can be very raunchy. At one point or another, sex will take place between these two participants of the same family. How wickedly arousing, eh? Immediately what I managed to dig out was that the site doesn't have the search bar. I wanted to enter the name of the model that I saw in the promo trailers, but then, I noticed that they don't even have the Model index that they did have on the site before I became a registered member. This was ridiculous since they could have at least uploaded the same god damn page to this one, Wtf? How hard is that? Shit, now I had to manually go video by video in search for the slut that's probably going to be on the last video on the last page if she's even featured on the site. My entire life's story.
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