Usually, when weirdoes tell me that they love to masturbate while reading erotic stories, my first instinct is to fucking slap the shit out of them…. but I have found a site that managed to make the erotic stories quite interesting. This site is called, and if you love to read erotic stories in general, you will surely love the crap this site has to offer as well. Currently (at the time I am writing this review) they are struggling a bit, and that is literally the first thing they tell you. has a Patreon page where you can donate any amount and help them stand on their feet… Now, I will not be doing that, for obvious reasons of being an actual porn lover, but if you enjoy your stay on this site, you can consider donating. Before I talk about what they have to offer, may I just add that their site looks like garbage? I know, I know… I tend to rant a lot about the designs and all that shit, but people… how fucking difficult it is to create a site that looks fucking presentable? Sure this place is not all that bad, but for a site that requires you to read shit all the time, was a pure white background really the best choice?
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