If you’re one of the few select internet users with nerves of steel who can easily watch beheading videos and other content which includes uncut, bloody gore, then Best Gore is right up your alley. Now I know that I’m mostly known as ‘The Porn Dude’ and you’d wonder why I’d be reviewing a site like this, but little do most porn-lovers know that there actually IS pornography on The porno on here is not your typical stuff since most of the chicks featured on it are either dead or dying and are usually the victims of severe beatings, gunshots, burnings or some other form of violence or torture. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some sick twisted horndogs out there who’d love nothing more than to jack off to this type of shit. That’s right – this one’s for all you masochistic, demented wankers out there who get off on dead chicks, self-harm and horrifying sexual accidents either because you’re victims of a horrible childhood trauma or are just the spawn of Satan living among us normal people here on Earth.
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