Assylum is an anal and BDSM destination that is apparently not fucking around. The site promises ultra HD 4k scenes and goes on to deliver it in spectacular fashion. They have taken two genres, mended them together with some wonderfully shot scenes and delivered with as much eroticism as you would expect from BDSM scenes. And nowhere is more vivid than on the homepage, which welcomes you with nothing but scenes of anal madness and extreme sexual domination. Sluts are taking huge loads in their sweet little asses, BDSM scenes that are as wild as the site promises and sluts swallowing jizz as casually as you would a glass of wine. Some of the scenes are so extreme and messy they will make you cringe if you don’t get down to this kind of stuff. What do you think of scenes featuring sluts with butt plugs being shot from a bow and an arrow? ThePornDude will let you be the judge.
5/5 - (8 votes)

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