is a site that's about sex and other stuff. Case closed. That's my take on what this site offers and it is a pretty damn accurate one. They have some sex, and then, they have some other stuff. Get it? No? Okay, let me expand a little bit so that you don't cry me a river and call me lazy for not being too detailed in my reviews. has popups, has sexy pictures, videos, videos that are not sex-related, they have viral clips wallpapers, they have... Okay, now that you get that is a multi-talented site I think that it is better if I go into detail about what it is that they deliver and they deliver it so well. The best way to describe their content is by listing their header tab on their homepage. So the list goes like this, Videos, Pics, Webcams, xxx videos, Find Romance, Show Yourself, Sex Shop, Wallpapers. Did you get all that? Which one seems the most interesting to you? To me, the most interesting was Show Yourself, and no it is not a part of the site where you take dick pics and submit them to It is so much more than that. It is a part of the site where you can also see boobs, booties, and pussies as well. The catch is that you need to write down on that body part or somewhere in the picture in order for the picture to be submitted.
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