If you’re reading this review then chances are you’ve been jacking off to all kinds of content on free porn sites for years or maybe even over a decade. Now there may be no shame in that (unless you do it to the point where you’re a hopelessly addicted, porn-crazed hornbag who can’t get their life in order), but the fact remains that you do jerk off to free porn – and if you know porn, you’ll know that premium pay-to-watch porn is way better than the free stuff. Sure, there may be lots of free content on popular XXX sites that’s being consumed by millions of people on a daily basis, but anyone who can rightly call themselves a porno connoisseur knows all too well that the pay-to-watch stuff is far better at delivering visual satisfaction and has much more quality overall than the free shit that’s repeatedly uploaded on the most popular XXX sites.
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